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This packages provides essential learners for mlr3, maintained by the mlr-org team. Additional learners can be found in the mlr3extralearners package on GitHub. Request additional learners over there.

👉 Table of all learners


# CRAN version:

# Development version:

If you also want to install all packages of the connected learners, set dependencies = TRUE:

# CRAN version:
install.packages("mlr3learners", dependencies = TRUE)

# Development version:
remotes::install_github("mlr-org/mlr3learners", dependencies = TRUE)

Classification Learners

ID Learner Package
classif.cv_glmnet Penalized Logistic Regression glmnet
classif.glmnet Penalized Logistic Regression glmnet
classif.kknn k-Nearest Neighbors kknn
classif.lda LDA MASS
classif.log_reg Logistic Regression stats
classif.multinom Multinomial log-linear model nnet
classif.naive_bayes Naive Bayes e1071
classif.nnet Single Layer Neural Network nnet
classif.qda QDA MASS
classif.ranger Random Forest ranger
classif.svm SVM e1071
classif.xgboost Gradient Boosting xgboost

Regression Learners

ID Learner Package
regr.cv_glmnet Penalized Linear Regression glmnet
regr.glmnet Penalized Linear Regression glmnet
regr.kknn k-Nearest Neighbors kknn Kriging DiceKriging
regr.lm Linear Regression stats
regr.nnet Single Layer Neural Network nnet
regr.ranger Random Forest ranger
regr.svm SVM e1071
regr.xgboost Gradient Boosting xgboost